DVD Singing Telegrams Worldwide

Live Singing Telegrams UK

The Real Singing Telegram Kings of The UK have now gone global.

Real Singing Telegrams Dot Com Now offer their personalized surprise performances on DVD, to be posted anywhere in the world.

In addition to their live surprise greetings anywhere in the UK

Our DVD Singing Telegrams can include a special video performance of their personalized song, by the character of your choice, changeable video green screen backgrounds, personalized messages and text on screen, and photos printed onto the body of the DVD and the cover too.

This makes it a unique and special gift for all occasions . 

Semi personalised songs on DVD start at just $10, but our fully personalized songs all about that person, containing all the funny things you tell us about them, come highly recommended. 

If your loved one lives in The UK, Why not consider having one of our performers surprise them in person, sing their special song live and them present them with the DVD and a full band production audio CD of the very song.

Who do you know who is worth singing about?

You can have your DVD Singing Telegram delivered by The ever popular  The Wandering Minstrel from Sherwood Forest, or by Digby The Giant Singing Dog from Cartoon land which is perfect for the kids. We will soon have 2 new characters available, Johnny Conquest 1950s music and Billy Mersey 1960s music.

The Wandering Minstrel

Digby The Giant Singing Dog

Each Character will say an introductory message, which gives you a chance to tell them any special message that you want to say to them and tell them who it is from. You can also change the text on the video background to whatever you want. Our Green Screen videos mean we can change the background where the character is standing. The singing telegram performer will then sing a special greetings song, which is like a greetings song set to music. The song will be personalized with the person's name, the occasion, and two killer lines containing anything you tell us about them. The funnier the better. You can of course choose to get us to do what we have become famous for, fully personalized songs all about your loved one. The DVDs will be specially produced and printed with photos you supply onto the body of the DVD and the cover too, and we can post them anywhere in the world.

Real Singing Telegrams UK is a collection of different live Singagram services based across the United Kingdom, In London, Yorkshire, Manchester and Hampshire. Each one providing only fully personalised songs that are all about the person, in the true spirit of the Singing Telegram. While we do not believe there is any value in an unpersonalised greeting, i.e. just turning up and singing any famous song, we are very happy to sing a particular song of your choice, or even two, after the personalised song, at no extra cost.

This means that every one of our characters sing a fully personalised song all about the person, up to two extra songs, (if you want them) and then present your loved one with a full band production audio CD of the very song plus a DVD video performance of the song too. We think you will agree that this represents incredible value for money.

  • "We wanted something different to celebrate the engage ment of our daughter and my goodness we got that and more with the hugely talented Mike.The song he wrote and the way it wa..."
    netta and Nick Christie
    Brilliant,hilarious much more than i could have hoped for
  • "You've really knocked this one out of the park...I was so impressed! I didn't know you'd be able to include so many of the details I'd given you...Well done!! I think that thi..."
    Mark porter
    Christmas Greeting in York from washington DC