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Real singing telegrams UK are very different to anything that has ever been available before. Over the last thirty years greetings services have come and gone. All too often the services were completely unpersonalised, had no content, were delivered by people with no discernable talent. Some relied purely on the costume, they never really thought about the character within the costume, just the costume. Other times they were sleazy and just involved someone in skimpy clothing giving the person a kiss. Even some singing telegram performers that have survived still do "choose a song from my list" which means it is just a singer, not a singing telegram.

Now in the 21st Century, Real Singing Telegrams are better than ever. Why?,  because now the singing telegram is a fully personalised experience, with a real song, a real singer and a full band production audio CD of that very song, for the person to treasure forever. Now singing telegrams are a way to show someone how much you love them, and certainly not to humiliate them or embarass them. These fully personalised performances are available throughout the UK. You simply tell the minstrel anything you like about the person, making sure you include all of the funny things that they say and do, funny things that have happened to them and all the private jokes that you know will make them laugh out loud. He writes a song and sends it to a performer in your local area, they record their vocals and send it back to the minstrel, who will then produce a full band production audio CD of the very song The CD is professionally packaged with any photo you supply printed onto the body of the CD and the cover too. It makes a very special souvenir of the performance that they can play and relive the performance over and over again.

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