Happy Birthday Addison

On sunday 13th July 2014, two firsts happened for Real Singing Telegrams UK. The first was that we sang for our youngest ever recipient, Addison was 8 years old on the Saturday, the day before.

The second was that it was The debut performance of Digby the giant singing dog.

Addison's grandmother Frances, lives in the USA and really wanted to be with Addison on his 8th Birthday. So they decided that the best thing was to tell Mike The Minstrel all about addison, who would then send Digby to sing the special song live in Swindon.

Please feel free to use the comments box below to leave a message for Addison, for Digby or for the songwriter MIke The Minstrel

Audio For Happy Birthday Addison

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Addison

Happy Birthday Addison

Now, Addison, I heard that Yesterday was your birthday, so I’ve been told
That’s why they sent this big dog here, because you have turned 8 years old
So let’s all say Chimichanga, you’ll sing Pepe L’americano on your own
With a special accompaniment of air saxophone

And so I’m here to say, hope you had a happy birthday
And bring the warmest wishes all the way from USA
Now, you’re a Chelsea supporter, you play in goal or defence, they say
Your family all have tai kwon do black belts or they’re on the way
But why is it that you always get your white school shirt dirty everyday?

Now, you can swim and snorkel underwater, ride your bike without training wheels that’s true
I know you’re not as old as you may look, and you’re nearly as tall as your mummy too
And you can eat the hugest Ice cream sundaes, 5 scoops is the record for you
And you love your cats gateway and Charlie, and your dogs Cyrus and Kazuo


Now your mother and father and sister Sammy too, all adore you this is clear
You have grandparents in the USA, and more grandparents over here
And Addison for a boy so young, whose licked an electric fly swatter with his tongue,
How come you have the messiest room of almost anyone