Happy 40th Birthday Alex

On Saturday 29th March, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Whitbourne in worcestershire to surprise Alex on his 40th birthday.
His wife Alison told the minstrel all about Alex and it all went into his song. On this page you will find the artwork from the photo laminated lyric sheet, the CD cover and the CD body, the audio from the CD and the lyrics too. If you were there at this surprise and have photos or videos of this special surprise, and would like them to appear on this page, just let us know and we will see to it.
You will also find lots of easy ways to share this page with your family and friends anywhere in the world. There is also a comments box, please feel free to leave a friendly comment for either Alex or The Wandering Minstrel. My thanks to Alison for providing some photos ffrom the night. Watch this space there might be a video too.

Artwork for Alex's CD

Audio For Alex's CD

Photos of Alex's Real Singing Telegram

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Alex

Now, Alex, It's your birthday,
I will sing this song with all the little things  that I've been told
All about you, on this special day, now that you've turned 40 years old.

You were born in Bolton, in 1974, and moved to kent and Berwick
you were growing up for sure.
With your mum and dad, and 2 brothers, it's all let to here
with ali, Millie, Fin and Gracie, in Brixworth so I hear.

You weren't allowed to buy football stickers, but some you did acquire
but you never let your mum forget that she threw them in the fire.
You were never shy to experiment, with hairstyles this is clear
you had highlights, and curtains and sideburns so I hear

So Happy Birthday Alex, you're the best it must be said
though you sometimes jog in tight lycra leggings
and wear a headtorch when you go to bed

When you worked at the council, they called you "The Dish" it's true
because so many of the girls really fancied you.
they all wanted to be like you, but the rate was high
when this senior research director made somebody cry

you bought Ali a kitten to propose to her I guess
and tied a ring around it's neck and hoped that she'd say yes
But the kitten looked pretty ropey, as it had the flu
but it had the right effect and she said yes to you

Alex and Ali they had twins, Millie and Fin 2005
but you only got there to the birth in the nick of time
You said "I don't think I'm done yet" and then somehow
you said when Gracie she was born, I'm definitely done now.

So Happy Birthday Alex, there is one thing left to say
when ever Sylia cooks a meal, you'll say it's gorgeous without fail they say

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