Happy 50th Birthday Andrew

On Monday 27th October, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Prenteg in North Wales to surprise Andrew on his 50th Birthday. The minstrel was told all about Andrew and it all went into his song, and The Minstrel sang it to him live before presenting him with a full band production audio CD of the very song, and a DVD green screen video of the song too. You are very welcome to use the share buttons that appear on this page to share this page with your family and friends anywhere in the world, and I hope you will leave a friendly comment in the comments box too, but please wait until the surprise is complete, otherwise it may be seen by Andrew and spoil the surprise. 

If you have any photos and videos from this special surprise, that you would like to appear on this page, you can drop a link to them in the comments box or email the pics and videos to me and I will see they appear on the page.

Audio for Happy 50th Birthday Andrew

Video for Happy 50th Birthday Andrew

Lyrics for Happy 50th Birthday Andrew

Happy 50th Birthday Andrew

Now, Andrew, it’s a special day, it’s your birthday I’ve been told
That’s why they’ve sent this minstrel here, because you’re turning 50 years old
And you love your wife Suzy, you make her happy this is true
And you’ve 4 lovely daughters, Ella, Amy Jemma and Jazzy too

And so I’m here to say have a happy birthday,  
And bring the warmest wishes to Hendre Selar today
I know you love embarrassing your daughters this is clear,
By playing the guitar anytime anywhere
And wearing those mankinis at cabarets I hear

And Andrew I hear that you love sailing, you love boats so much , we know this is so
And if you are not buying boats, you’re talking about them this we know
And I know you love Stoke City, more than just a little bit,
And you love your dog Jasper, but you can’t get him to sit

And you’re proud of being an Englishman,
but you love the welsh mountains this is clear
And you’re a little geeky at fixing things, they call you Bob The Builder , so I hear
And Graham’s Swedish parents in law, well, I’ve heard they love you more
Than they love their own  sons in law