On Sunday 16th February 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Kinsley Dog track, near pontefract, to surprise Angie on her 80th birthday. Her husband Jack had told The Minstrel everything about her and it all went into the song. Then the minstrel arrived to surprise her and sing her song live, before presenting her with a full band production audio CD of the very song he had just sung.

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Audio for happy 80th birthday Angie

Lyrics for Happy 80th birthday Angie

Now, Angie, It's your birthday.

So I will sing this song of all the little things that I've been told

All about you on this special day, 'cause I hear that your 80 years old.


You were born in Thurnscoe, The Red House Cottage I conceive.

The oldest house in Thurnscoe, then you worked I believe

At Barker & Wigfalls, A bakery, DHSS and GEC

Then worked as a Midwife in the Montague I see


You went to a new year dance, in Thurnscoe baths in 53

and there it was you met Jack, your husband so to be

He wanted to impress you and make his mark I guess

but then he spilt his orange juice on your blue tafeta dress


So Happy Birthday Angie, Jack loves you to bits it's true

he says you're the best thing that ever happened to him

He's so glad that you've found each other too


You married Jack in 54, and you raised a family

Graham, Lynne and Karen, and Michael so I see

and you now have 10 Grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren too

I know you're very proud of them and they think the world of you


And you love your holidays, you make friends wherever you go

if it's Benidorm, or caravans, or a cruise on the med you know

And you love Harry Potter, the books and movies so

you flew on Harry's broomstick in the film studio


I know you love you garden jack plants plants on plants for you

and there's a special place for your poodles, Candy and Topsy too

I know you have a hearing aid but it's pushed in a drawer I think

so when Jack says is it Thursday you say no I just had a drink