Farewell Asif

On Friday 29th August 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Wood Green, in North London, to the offices of Levines Solicitors, to surprise Asif with a song written all about him.

Asif was leaving his job after 8 years of service to the company and they really wanted to send him off in style.

Mitesh and some of the others, told the minstrel all about Asif and he wrote this special song all about Asif. There were some very funny details in the song, On this page you can hear the audio from Asif's special CD of the song The Minstrel performed, read the lyrics, and see some of the artwork from the CD and the photo laminated lyric sheet. If you have any photos or videos from the surprise event that you would like to appear here, just let us know.

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Audio for Farewell Asif

Lyrics for Farewell Asif

Farewell Asif

Now, Asif, I hear you’re leaving,
so there are some things we want to say
So they’ve sent this Wandering Minstrel
to sing this song to you today
I hear you are a fashion guru, and a super fast talker too
We’ll miss your prison shower boy walk
and the waft of your cologne, it’s true.
And so I’m here to say good luck to you today
And bring the warmest wishes just to send you on your way
To your chicken farm in India, and your buffalo herding too
We hope you take your pregnancy ball and the bird perch with you
But the biggest  thing we want  to say is we ‘re going to miss you

Now Igor , I know, is going to miss your 11 am coffee making hugs
And Kevin too will also miss you, and he’ll miss your keep calm mugs
And we hope you’ll find a new job which really does suit your skill set
Like an undertaker or perhaps even a vet.

The first floor team say don’t go far,
even though they don’t know who you are
Accounts thank you for all your treats,
they also owe you for 8 years of birthday beats
Mitesh, Kasha, Asad Kataki and the rest too,
they have just a few more words for you
Can they take your fancy chair and dynamo desk too

So I wish you good luck Asif