Congratulations Bill and Joanna 60th Wedding Anniversary

On Friday 27th March 2015, Billy Mersey travelled to Kirkby in Liverpool to surprise Bill and Joanna for their 60th wedding anniversary. Their son Mike and daughter in law Sandy had told us all about them and it all went in to the song

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Lyrics for Congratulations Bill and Joanna

Now, Bill and Joanna, It's a special day, your anniversary so they say

So they've sent me Billy Mersey, to sing to you today

You were married 60 years ago, and your family think the world of you

and we all want to say Congratulations to you


And so I'm here to say 60 years ago today

your married life began and you're still together to this day

And I bring the warmest wishes from Australia to you

Mike and Sandy love you and they're missing you

and though they can't be here tonight, they're sending big hugs to you

Now Bill, you still do your own home improvements, and on your 80th birthday, I might add

your granddaughter Shelly shouted put down the hammer, and get off the God dang roof Grandad.

and you nearly took your eye out you may recall, pulling an iron bar out of the wall

And even Mike fell through a ceiling too, like Father, like son after all


Now Joanna, you may be a little woman, but you can still boss your big sons around, it's said

you threw a plant pot at your son Mike, he'd dyed his hair like David Bowie, Neon red

and for your ruby wedding, to Tenerife you'd go, but you ended up in the local comedy show

they found the perfect job for you, Elvis' driver don't you know