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On wednesday 3rd July 2013, The Wandering minstrel travelled to Mort's Wine bar in Walton-on-Thames to surprise Brian on his 60th birthday. Real singing telegrams Uk were contacted by Denise who booked the surprise. She told the minstrel all about Brian and provide 20 - 30 photos of Brian and Real singing telegrams UK created this music video for Brian's 60th Birthday.

Other singing telegrams UK do something we call "choose a song from a list" This is something that The Wandering Minstrel does free after the fully personalised song. The minstrel knew that Brian is usually banned from singing the full version of American Pie by Don Mclean. So as it was his 60th Birthday, The Wandering Minstrel printed out the Lyrics to the full version of the song and Brian took to the microphone, as The Minstrel played the song. The whole bar clapped and sung along as Brian sang with the minstrel.

There was even some very funny details in the song too and it was an absolutely pleasure to surprise Brian. When the minstrel asked Brian what it was like to have a special song written all about you. Brian replied "%!£&ing Awesome"

The Ballad of Dangerous Brian - Music video

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Now, Brian, it's your birthday so hold the front page
I hear that you're turning 60 but you still haven't learned to act your age.
You met Denise on a skiing trip, you had no sense of danger or fear it's true
You crashed into so many skiers, Dangerous Brian they call you

So I'm here to say , have a happy birthday
and I know how much you love to sing on Karaoke.
Though you're not the greatest singer, but you love to try.
there's one thing we must do before we say goodbye,
let you sing the full eleven minute version of American Pie
Now you bought a 1 year old Mercedes, I've heard that it's quite dangerous too.
It rolled backwards down a hill, it was a brand new saab it crashed in to.
And at Sarah's caravan, you left a big dent in another car
and brought firemen to Gemma's house when you cut off the fire alarm


And once after a boys night out, you crept into bed at 6am  And Denise said what time do you call this,
 and you came out with such a gem
you said you'd got in at 2 O'Clock, and then told her where you'd been
fast asleep on the toilet since you had got in