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On Monday 19th August 2013, Our Miss Minstrel Lallie travelled to Southampton to surprise Caroline on her 50th birthday. As always, Caroline's family told Mike The Minstrel all about her and he wrote this song all about her. They ordered the Music video DVD, and we were also able to film the whole surprise and you can watch the videos here. The sound quality isn't great on the live video but you might want to follow along with the lyrics which are included below.

Watch Miss Minstrel surprise Caroline below

Live Video

Music Video

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Audio for Happy Birthday Caroline

Happy Birthday Caroline Lyrics

Happy Birthday Caroline
Now Caroline, it's a special day, it's your birthday I've been told
That's why they've sent Miss minstrel here, because you're turning 50 years old.
And  I hear they all call you Doris, And it was said to me,
that Paige said Nanny drives slow, and she's an OAP.

And Caroline, you know we want to say, have the happiest birthday,
from the 4 kids and 7 grand kids you embrace
And you love the patients of the NHS, you feed them and talk to them I guess.
Even when they've already died and left this place.

And I hear that you love Tom Cruise, Lonestar and Doctor Hook
Robson and Jerome and the Bee Gees, and I hear that you love to cook
but you even burned the baked beans, Now I understand
you baked a cake so heavy it's broken the cake stand


I hear you twisted your ankle, in the late summer of 2006
and though it was broad daylight they say you didn't see the ditch
And you love to hear people singing, Neil diamond's sweet Caroline
and I hear you could fart for England and win every time.


So Happy Birthday Caroline