Real Singing Telegrams UK - Our Characters

All of the characters who perform our fully personalised singing telegrams are fully formed characters. You'll notice that if a singing telegram company uses the word "Costume" instead of "Character" that they have not given any thought to this very important aspect of the singing telegram. It's as if they think that the costume is more important than the performance that is given from within the costume

Imagine booking Digby The Dog and finding that he just stood there, didn't speak and did not interact with the person he was singing to.

The costume may not fit with the context of delivering a personalised message in song. The character of The Wandering Minstrel has been performing these kind of personalised message for kings, queens and noble folk for centuries.

In some cases,  we have impersonators who impersonate famous singers, such as Agnetha from Abba. Debbie Harry from Blondie, and Stevie Wonder. However, sometimes we have created composite characters who represent the big stars in their genre. We have Johnny Conquest, (1950s) Billy Mersey (1960s) and Emil Starr ( Soul). We will also have Hank Heraldson, a Country music singer too, in the very near future.