Happy 21st Birthday Charlotte - Real Singing Telegrams UK

On Saturday 19th October, The Wandering Minstrel Travelled to Tidbury Green Golf Club near Birmingham, to surprise Charlotte on her 21st Birthday.. Charlotte's mum Angie, told The Minstrel all about Charlotte and it all went into the song. Check out the audio and the lyrics below to hear and read Charlotte's song. If you have any photos or videos of this surprise that you have already uploaded to youtube, facebook, instagram, or flickr etc and you would like them to appear here. Just post the web address for the item into the comments box below, friendly comments are always welcome.

The audio for  Charlotte's Real Singing Telegram

The Lyrics for Charlotte's Real Singing Telegram

now Charlotte it's a special day, it's your birthday i've been told
that's why they've sent this minstrel here, because you've turned 21 years old
So charlotte Emily Bronte Smith, you have other nicknames I could share,
So Should I call you Charley Warley, Charlie Bean or Baby Bear

And so I'm here to say, have a happy birthday
Tell me are they true the things that your family say
you loved Nanny Alice's  kit kats and kinder bueno bars
you think that Grandad Gil's boiled eggs are truly superstars
and you worried so much about your exams, and still got 8 A Stars

And at 18 months old your Grandad asked, what do you want for Christmas then
I've heard that you said "parrot" and you've never stopped talking ever since then
Now you're a plastic scouser, without the eyebrows at edge hill university
but they still remember you head to toe in lipstick when you were only three

At Camp America, you thought it would be like a posh hotel, it's true
but it was wild camping, and back to nature, and that kinda put the wind up you
you were a lifeguard who hated fish, and met snapping turtles and water snakes too
you came home with friendship bracelets and Donny who wants to marry you