Congratulations Charlotte and Adam

On Saturday 11th October 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Didsbury in Manchester to surprise Charlotte and Adam, who had recently announced their engagement. Charlotte's mum Netta, told the minstrel some very funny things about this couple's life and it all went into the song. Below you will find the audio from Charlotte and Adam's CD, the lyrics to their own personalised song, and on this occasion I also recorded a special green screen video performance of the song too. if you have any photos or videos from this surprise event, don't hesitate to drop them into the comments box or email me about this. I hope you will leave a comment in the box below and you can use the shar buttons on this page to share it with family and friends around the world.

Audio for Congratulations Charlotte and Adam

Video for Charlotte and Adam's song

Lyrics for Congratulations Charlotte and Adam

Congratulations Charlotte and Adam

Now, Charlotte and Adam, I am here to say, you’re getting spliced, as your grandparents would say

Charlotte bought Adam off the internet, he was your Dubai bride because I hear you met

On the Guardian’s Soul Mates dating website too, While Adam was working in Dubai it’s true

And now I hear you’re getting married I must say Congratulations to you


And so I’m here to say good luck on your wedding day

Tell me are they true, the things that your parents say

That you both love Jeeves and Wooster, and the things they always say

Like Top Ho and old chap in a country gentlemanly way

But when Adam sings to Charlotte in the morning, she hides under the duvet

So many emails and phone calls and then you found Adam finally started to win Charlotte round

Then you went to dinner with magicians who

produced one card with both your names on when you’d written on two

you say that things are splendid this is true, your trousers were a triumph when you wore them new

And you’ve a tendency for shouting Yum when new food is brought to you.

You saw a fortune teller smile a lot it’s true but you couldn’t understand what she said to you

And Adam talks very loudly, not in his inside voice

and what you said to the journos wasn’t your finest choice.

When Adam proposed you quoted poetry I hear, then once again in Anglo-Saxon just to be clear

And your giant diamond ring detracted from your M&S day wear

That you were conker champions for 1 year so they say

But were knocked out in the first round, when you went back another day

And you can’t put conditions on your love is something I forgot to say

So Congratulations Charlotte and Adam

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