On Thursday 23rd February 2014, The wandering Minstrel travelled to The Royal Elephant restaurant in Dinnington, in Sheffield to surprise Chris Earle, who was celebrating his 38th birthday with his family. Chris' wife Katrina had told the minstrel everything about him and he created this song especially for him and surprised him with a live performance of it, and also presented him with a full band production audio CD of the very song. One thing about this surprise that was very special was that Katrina had lead Chris to believe that his birthday present was a beanie hat. In fact Katrina had booked a holiday in Nice in France with 2 days hospitality at the Cafe de Paris, at the Monaco Grand Prix. She asked the minstrel to include this revelation into the song, which of course he was very happy to do. So this was a double surprise for Chris. After the song, Chris commented that it was "genius". It was lovely that this was such a family occasion with Katrina and Chris' Kids following along the lyric sheet, and laughing at each piece of information. Thank you Katrina for making this happen.

Audio for Chris's Song

Lyrics for Chris's Song

Now Chris, it is a special day, It's your birthday, I've been told

that's why thy've sent this minstrel here, because you've turned 38 years old

and you love triathlons and Ironman, and you're a great swimmer too

but once entered a swimming competition and a pensioner beat you, (into third place)


And Chris you know we want to say, Have the happiest birthday

you're a wonderful husband and a great dad too

You've had a pool table in your house for many a year

but you don't seem to get any better I fear, the time to sell it and get a hottub is finally hear


I've a special birthday message it's true, from Charlie the Parrot just for you

He says he misses the yellow marigolds on you, and being chased around the conservatry too

and he misses you looking so uncool, and looking just a little bit like a fool

but at least he doesn't have to watch you playing pool




well the kids call you Grumpy and that's just fine, cause they say that you're whinging almost all of the time.

though you're always ready for tickle time, It's you who ends up being tickled, most of the time

Caley loves stictly come dancing time with you, and jenson loves his Golf lessons too

cos he knows it won't be long untill he's much better than you




Now I know you were expecting just a beanie hat, but Katrina wants to do so much better than that

So shall I reveal your real present per chance, It's a little holiday in Nice in France.

You're going to the Monaco Grand Prix, with 2 daays hospitality at the Cafe De Paris

your first holiday without the kids, I hear it's going to be