Christmas Greetings - Real Singing Telegrams UK

Real Singing telegrams UK are perfect gifts for Christmas.

It could be The Wandering Minstrel, Digby The Dog, Billy Mersey or Johnny Conquest. One of our clients, in The USA, was apart from his girlfriend over Christmas so he sent The Wandering Minstrel to York to surprise her with a special song written all about her and their love for each other.

Christmas 2014 will see the introduction of our DVD Singing Telegrams, where you can have any of our singing telegram performers record a special song on video and we will produce a special DVD and a full band production audio CD to send any where in the world. Whether you choose the fully personalised song or a semi personalised song it is sure to be one of your most talked about Christmas presents that you give this year. DVD singing Telegrams start at just $10