What does it cost to send a singing telegram?

Surprise Surprise
Singing Telegrams in most of the UK tend to start at £150. This will get you a tribute artist or impersonator but occasionally just a singer. The impact of having somone impersonate Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner or a Beatle is much greater than just a singer. You can expect the performer to arrive with a portable battery powered PA system, backing tracks or a guitar and a microphone. Due to Covid restrictions all singagrams and singing telegrams must be performed outside, 2 metres from the front door. So using the PA system means that a much bigger atmosphere is created with the neighbours and passers by all joining in as well. You can pay £40 to have a funny song written all about them as well and they get to keep the song on full band production audio CD and laminated photo lyric sheet. You can also add 2 more songs for an extra £30
This means that you can build up your own bespoke singagram experience. The biggest news is that eligible customers can now pay in installments using Paypal's Pay later feature, So that you can spread the cost. This makes singagrams more affordable to more people.
Picking the right songs makes all the difference. The most popular one's being Happy birthday to ya, You're simply the best and I just called to say I love you but it is always worth checking the performer's list to see if your loved one's favourite song is on there. It's always a good idea to include party songs like Celebration by Kool and the gang to get everybody dancing. Like Stevie Wonder said we'll have a street party on the day you came to be
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