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On Saturday 9th August, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Chester to surprise Dvaid on his 40th Birthday with a special song all about him. His wife Melissa told me all about David, including lots of funny stories, and they all went into the song. David's reactions were fantastic as all the funny things cam out in the song, we also sang "happy Birthday" and "American pie" Please feel free to leave a friendly comment on this page, either for David or as a review / testimonial for The minstrel. You are welcome to use the handy share buttons, to share this page with your family and friends anywhere in the worl and if you have any photos and videos of the performance, that you would like to appear on this page, just let us know and we will arrange it.

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Lyrics for Happy 40th Birthday David

Happy 40th Birthday David
Now, David, it’s a special day, it’s your birthday, I’ve been told
That’s why they’ve sent this minstrel here ,
because you’ve turned 40 years old

You went from Sandwich delivery boy, to director of your IT company
So that is why you call yourself  The Big Boss, so I see

And so I’m here to say have a happy birthday
Tell me are they true, the things that your friends all say
You’re a Liverpool supporter, with a season ticket too
Since the one, as a little boy, your Nan Minnie bought for you
So now upon your 40th we’ll say Happy birthday to you

Before you met, your wife Melissa saw a fortune teller, is this true?
Who said a tall dark man, who’s considerably older,
Would come and share your life with you,
and before your romance had even begun,
your father in law Roland thought he’d have his fun
He scared you half to death by telling you, that you were the one.

Now, Dave The Rave, I hear you love adventure
You’ve skydived, bungee jumped and zip wired too
And on your first meal out with your father in law,
you famously forgot your wallet too
You had a poster of the queen on your wall, it’s true
As a waiter, you served dinner to Margaret Thatcher too
And you think your tiny tush is too small,
 but I’ve heard it’s just not true