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On Saturday 27th July 2013, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to springvale social club in Bilston, near wolverhampton, to surprise Debbie as she had just got married to Ben.
Ben had booked this surprise and told The Wandering Minstrel all about Debbie, and he wrote the lyrics to this all all about her. Here's what Ben wrote in an email, after the performance
"Thank you very much for your quite brilliant performance. Your entrance was greeted with a loud applause and cheer and once you had finished the song everybody was buzzing. The surprise effect and the way you delivered the song including the quality of the lyrics was magnificent. Debbie was in complete shock. I have a photo (left)  which shows what delight you brought to the wedding and to Debbie and I. Every one was talking about you after you left at how brilliant you were and how much of a great idea it was to have you perform part of my speech. "
Debbie's reactions were wonderful, and I definitely spotted a happy tear in her eye. My thanks to Ben for making this happen.

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Lyrics for Debbie's Wedding Day

Now Debbie it's your wedding Day, ben has got something to say
Though he's getting tongue tied and it's coming out wrong
So he's sent this minstrel to say it in song
You were an oven fresh supervisor, Ben was a senior manager too.
In morrisons, in Bilston where he fell in love with you

And Ben says if he wasn't with you,
he'd have money and hair and he'd be stress free too
But we know he wouldn't change a single thing.
and though he's no hair around his ears
and he seems to have aged about 15 years
but to know that he has you, he'd give up everything

On Morrison's staff nights out for sure, you had your first kiss on the dance floor
and you both sneaked away to be alone I hear
and so i should reveal to the others here
that you weren't feeling unwell, as in the excuse you used
and you hadn't just been sick all over Ben's Shoes

In February last year, Sophia and Ben waited till you cam home and then
played whitney houston's I will always love you
and followed a ribbon till these two
through all those love notes and poems, and tealights galore i guess
spelling out will you marry daddy and I guess you said yes

Chorus Twice

So Congratulations Debbie and Ben

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