Keith Says He's Sorry Debbie

On Friday 2nd August, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Blackley in Manchester to Deliver an apology song to debbie.

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Keith says he’s sorry, Debbie
Now, Debbie, I'm the minstrel Man, I'm travelling over this land
I have a message for you,  And I hope you'll understand
that Keith has sent me here to you,  cause he knows just what he's done to you.
And he knows well enough, that he has to grow up
'cause he wants to grow old with you.

Keith says that he's sorry, you know it makes him sick
that he's hurt the one he loves the most, and he's sorry for being a P
And he loves your Debbieisms, that's plain to see
and how you thought ken Tuckey, was the guy who owns KFC

And i know that you're from Manchester, and he's a scouser i've heard it's true
that he often calls you Pooface, BabaKnickers or Magoo
And when he first met you, you looked like Avril Lavine, I believe
And you spent his 4 grand football win on a holiday in the Maldives


And he loves the cute gap in your teeth, he calls you mucky pup he said
he loves how you never know the words to songs,
You just make them up inside your head.
And there's half drunk glasses of water, collecting by your bed.
and you've been dating now, for over 6 years
and he'd hate to think your love was dead.


Keith says he's sorry