Ed Hicks Rocks - Tribute Song - Real Singing Telegrams UK

On Tuesday 8th April, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Soho in London to surprise Ed Hicks with a special Tribute song / Real Singing Telegram. Christina in the LA office of The Mill told me all about Ed and I wrote this tribute song for him. On this page you will find all the artwork for Ed's full band production audio CD and the photo laminated lyric sheet that I presented Ed with, you can hear the audio from the CD and read the lyrics. Please feel free to leave a friendly comment on the page, either for Ed or for The Wandering Minstrel, and to use any of the easy share methods on the page to share this page with your friends and colleagues anywhere in the world. If you have any photos or videos from this surprise event that you would like to share on this page, either upload them to the internet, and paste the link in the comments box, or email us to discuss how to do this. My special thanks to Christina for making this happen.

Ed Hicks Rocks - Audio

Ed Hicks Rocks - Lyrics

Ed Hicks Rocks

Now Ed I'm The Wandering Minstrel, I've travelled over the land.
For I've been told all about you, so let's get to the matter in hand
your latest commercial for The Mill I see, is on the home stretch of delivery
cos of your skills and your late night activity and cause Ed Hicks rocks

This is your tribute song, we want to say that Ed Hicks Rocks
because everyday, over there in LA, they watch you playing with your dreadlocks
they say you spend so much time in the office till 2 am working on CG massive
you should be hitting on women in the pub I'll have it, because Ed  Hicks rocks

You work in visual effects on what they call CG, creating the crowds for the ads on tv
but you seem to spend more time on just one kind, it's the female characters I have in mind
but there's  one thing that we always seem to find, on the chest area you're more inclined
they always seem to be more defined and that's why Ed Hicks rocks

Well you're known all over the world I know, especially New York, Los Angeles and Chicago
and in the Mill offices I've heard that
you're connected up by video chat

and in LA they watch you all the time,
twirl your dreadlocks through your fingers

most of the time and working in the dark, right through the night time
and Ed Hicks Rocks

The view from LA