Happy Birthday Emmalene

On Friday 11th July 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Middleton in Manchester to sing a special song for Emmalene on her birthday. However, this was very different to any birthday greeting The Minstrel had ver performed. Emmalene and Paul had just split up, Paul says that he gretted this and the circumstances behind it so much that the asked to to include something in the song about how sorry he was and that he wanted them to be together. In fact he wanted me to add in at the end, that in fact we wanted them to get married. So it was a birthday song, but also an apology song and also a marriage proposal song. I had doen them all individually but never all in the same song.

Emma was delightful and at the end of the song I asked her, as i always ask, what is it like to have a song written all about you.

It's kinda cool actually, she answered

Well, I don't know what will happen with this lovely couple, will they get back together, there are no guarantees, but we hope that the couple will let us know what happened.

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Audio for Happy Birthday Emmalene

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Emmalene

Happy Birthday Emmalene
Now, Emmalene, It’s your birthday
I will sing this song with all the little things that I’ve been told
All about you on this special day, now that you’ve turned 38 years old.
And Paul says that you’re stunning, He loves your smile, your eyes and your body too
the way you pout in every mirror in the house, And I hear there’s quite a few
And the reason for this song’s to celebrate your birthday then
To let you know he hopes you’ll  be together soon again
So happy birthday Emmalene,  Paul knows he’s been a fool it’s true
So today he’s wishing you a happy birthday  To the lady in his life and Emmalene that’s you

He loves the way you’re always falling over on nights out in high heels
Like you did when you fist met, at the horse  race I’ll reveal
You love everything that’s “bling bling”, the watch, the bracelet too
And I know there was a bling hand that he recently got for you
I know you love a good spray tan, you love to have it done,
Paul calls you a coco pop, when you come back from the salon
Now, you’re a secret burper, Paul loves the surprise
When you let out a little giggle, when a burp it does arise

You’ve loved everything Michael Jackson, since you were a girl they say
And I hear that you cry every year, on the day he passed away
I hear you love the song Butterflies and Baby Be Mine
And I’ve heard that “Lady in your life” will get to you every time
And after a concert in Birmingham, Emmalene, I’ve been told
You weren’t allowed into the club, they said you were too old
And so with all this birthday cheer there’s one thing left to do
To say that you complete him and he wants to marry you