Real Singing Telegrams Essex

Our Real Singing telegrams UK, London performers are also available for singagrams Essex too. In fact some areas of Essex are in the area we call London, and therefore do not incur any extra travel expenses. The deeper into Essex you go, travel expenses may be applicable.  Contact Us for a quote.

Singagrams Essex

The Wandering Minstrel is Britain's most experienced singing  telegram performer, he has delivered over 1000 personalised songs. He created the Real Singing Telegrams UK format of fully personalised song, with a free full band production audio CD of the very song. The reason that this character works so well is that for centuries medieval minstrels sang this kind of tribute song to kings, and queens and noble folk. Just like today you can get the minstrel to put anything into the song, about the person. In fact, in medieval times kings often told the minstrel to write about how they had won a particular battle, even when they lost.

Just watch some of our videos to see the reactions on peoples faces, as all the funny details about them come out in the song. Being presented with a CD copy of the actual song too, takes in to another level.

Digby The Dog - not just for kids, you can book Digby for Real Singing Telegrams Essex. You can choose up to 2 sing along songs to be performed after the fully personalised song all about your loved one.

Soul Grams - Real Singing Telegrams Essex

For lovers of soul music Emil Starr can sing all the all time soul classics. In addition to the fully personalised song all about your loved one, you can choose up to 2 of your favourite soul songs to be performed as well. See song list

Stevie Wonder Grams - Singagrams Essex

This is a proper impersonation of the great soul singer. choose up to 2 Stevie Wonder Songs to be performed after the fully personalised song all about your loved one.

Also available for Real Singing Telegrams  Essex, Johnny Conquest (1950s) and Billy Mersey (1960s)

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Stevie Wonder Grams

Who better to sing "Happy Birthday" than the guy who wrote the song. Of course, I'm talking about Stevie Wonder, who wrote and sang a song called "Happy Birthday", and as with all of our birthday singing telegrams he will get you all singing the traditional one too.

He can also sing "I just called to say I Love you" It's a lovely way to tell someone you love, exactly how you feel.

With 3 or more days notice, (subject to availability) we can write a special song all about your loved one, including all the funny details that you tell us about them. We also record the song on full band production audio CD.