Happy valentine's Day Gavin

On Valentine's day, Friday 14th february 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to the city of London to surprise Gavin with a semi personalised song for Valentine's Day. Haley, booked this surprise and told The Minstrel some funny things about gavin, and the minstrel surprised Gavin, and sand the song, before presenting him with a full band production audio CD of the very song, with the personalised details too.

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Audio for Happy Valentine's Day Gavin

Lyrics for Happy Valentine's Day Gavin

Now, Gavin, On this Valentines's Day, Haley would like to say

That she's in love with you, more and more in love with you

each and every passing day

so she's sent this minstrel here, to sing of her love for you

She says you're getting married in Sanibel Florida

she says  you're lucky to have her too.


And Haley would like to say have a happy valentine's day

as I sing this song to you, it says how much she really loves you

And now there's one thing left to say, Happy Valentine's Day


Now Gavin you were her best friends brother, that's how you met

she says you took a bit of chasing, you were playing hard to get

She says she knew you needed her in your life, long before you knew of course

Now she says that your her best friend, with that sexy bum of yours


Now Gavin you're not unfamiliar with enjoying a drink

and falling asleep on the train going home to ashford I think

And you lost your phone, your ticket and your wallet, getting off at stratford I see,

and you got the shock of your life, she was expecting twins and you already had three