Happy 21st Birthday Georgina

On Saturday 22nd November, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Manchester to surprise Georgina on her 21st Birthday. Her family had told the minstrel everything about her and he put all of these funny things into the song. On this page you will find the audio track of Georgina's  song which was on the CD that was presented to her after the performance, the lyrics to her special song and some of the artwork from her CD. Also on this page will be a special green screen performance of the song by The Wandering Minstrel from Sherwood Forest. Please feel free to use the handy share buttons on this page to share the page with your friends and family around the world, and I would be very grateful if you could leave a friendly comment in the comments box too, by way of a testimonial. 

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Audio from Georgina's song

Video of Georgina's song

Lyrics from Georgina's  song

Happy 21st Birthday Georgina

Georgina,, It’s a special day,  it’s your birthday, I’ve been  told
So your brother sent this minstrel here

because you’ve turned 21 years old.
He calls you Gina Bofina, Bowie and Jean it’s true,
And since you went to Eygypt, your cousins call you Tina Turner too.
So Happy Birthday to you Georgina, To his sis from Jack, your Bro.
We must take a photo of all of you doing the woodlouse, before I go.
And I know you’re scared of spiders, hiding in towels it’s true
And no one talks on their phone quite as much as you do.

Now you and Jack are very close,

but you’re always fighting, this is true
You have special ways to hurt each other,

the finger bend of love and cow bites too.
And I hear you nearly broke your hand,

you tried to hit Jack, this is clear
But you missed and dealt a power blow

to the book shelf, so I hear.

Now, you can be quite clumsy, falling down is your forte
You once fell through the dining room ceiling,
while they were fitting a new bathroom, one day.
And while hanging through the ceiling, your slipper fell off, I’ve read,
Jack ran upstairs to give it back to you,
Georgina, you’ve dropped this is what he said.

And I’ve heard there’s one thing you can’t do, you cannot catch at all.
You once had a massive nosebleed, after a family game of swing ball.
And you once won a dance competition dancing to Steps I hear,
But at least it wasn’t the chicken dance,

and your cousins hadn’t glued you to a chair.