Happy 30th Birthday Gus

On Saturday 9th November 2013, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Stevenage to surprise Gus on his 30th Birthday. I know it meant a lot to his Mum Maggie, who booked the surprise and told me all about him. The audio for Gus' song and the lyrics appear below, please leave a friendly comment about the song, or a message to Gus in the comments box below. For those who don't know Gus, Dudley was their dog.

The audio for Gus' song

The lyrics for Gus' song

Happy Birthday Gus

Now Gus it is a special day, It's your birthday, I've been told
that's why they've sent this minstrel here, because you're turning 30 years old
I hear you are the youngest of three, four if you include Dudley
but your mum loves you so much, that is plain to see

So I'm here to say have a happy birthday
tell me are they true, the things that your family say
you love fast cars and motorbikes and days at the track  it's true
but all your family have some thing to say to you
we hope you have wonderful day and happy birthday to you

Now Gus I hear you'll eat anything, of this there is no doubt
I heard you once  ate a crisp that Tyler the  dog had just spat out
You always stay slim you never get fat, you'll eat lip sol too, well I've heard that
and when you were a toddler, you ate so much Go cat


I've heard you went go carting once, and this is the truth that i will state
after counting up all the money, you started to get irate.
You said someone hasn't paid it's true, come on own up and pay your due
and everyone laughed when they found the one who hadn't paid was you.

Repeat Chorus