Congratulations James and Tracey

On Tuesday 21st October 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Islington Town Hall in London to surprise James and Tracey at their wedding celebration. The couple were just signing the register when in walked the minstrel to their astonishment. James and Tracey had travelled from Boise, Idaho, to get married in london as they love everything British so much. Their friends Jon and Catherine Rushton, back in their hometown had told the minstrel everything about this special couple and he wrote this song all about them, and presented them with a full band production audio CD of the very song, and one of our brand new green screen video DVDs of The Minstrel performing their song in Sherwood Forest.
On this page you can hear the audio from their CD, watch the video, and read the lyrics, there will also be images of some of the artwork for the gifts that were presented to the couple.
If you have any photos or videos of this special surprise you can paste a link to them on the internet or send them to us in an email and we will happily display them on the page. Feel free to use the handy share buttons on this page, so that you can share this page with family and friends all around the world. Also I would be very grateful if you would leave a friendly comment below.

Audio For James and Tracey's Song

Video for James and Tracey's Song

Lyrics For James and Tracey's song

Congratulations James and Tracey
Now, James and Tracey, It’s your wedding day,
they’ve sent this minstrel here today

You’ve come from Boise Idaho, the potato capital of the world, you know
You’ve travelled to this sceptred Isle because you are such Anglophiles
You love everything British and this might sound bizarre
But you’re more British than  most British people are

Congratulations James and Tracey on your wedding day
I know today is going to be a wonderful wonderful day
Your Prince Charming’s better looking
than James’ great Uncle Richard  III

Now, you’ve conquered William’s descendant, so I've heard

I know how much you love Shakespeare,
that’s the bard, but also the cat

But the cat is fat and lazy and could never write a play like that
And at the outdoor Shakespeare Festival,
a storm blew through it’s clear

James ended  up in a black bin bag and Tracey wore a giant clear plastic condom so I hear

Now, James you are an author, you write historical fiction, this is true
You write about the ancient Romans, and the battle of waterloo
You love the Iron duke of Wellington, and I hear that you’ve been seen’
Dressed up as him, in a big red coat,
at a fancy dress  party at Halloween

So Now this song is ending, there’s still one thing that’s left to do
We must take a picture with James and Tracey
 and with George the monkey too

So  friends, Romans and countrymen, as I bid you farewell
I guess it just seems right to say that it’s true that all’s well that ends well

So Congratulations James and Tracey