Happy 60th Birthday Jan

On Monday 16th august 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Horwich near Bolton to surprise Jan on her 60th Birthday. Her boyfriend Andy booked the minstrel and told him all about Jan and he wrote this song all about her. On the night The Minstrel also sang Jan's favourite song "San Francisco" and Brian and Michael's "Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs. The guests in La Salsa restaurant helped out by singing along. On this page you will find the audio from the CD of Jan's song that the minstrel presented to her, the lyrics, some images from the artwork on the photo laminated lyric sheet and CD. Ther was also a DVD music video included on this one and you can also view it on this page too. I would be grateful if you would also leave a friendly comment on this page too, and you can also  use the handy buttons on this page to share this page with family and friends anywhere in the world

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Happy 60th Birthday Jan

Now Jan,  I am the minstrel man, and so I have been told
That today’s your birthday, and  you’re turning 60 years old.
You’re renowned for your quick, witty reposts , and being mega sarky too
But I won’t tell anybody if you won’t but I hear you have a soft heart too
So Happy birthday to you Jan, as I sing this song to you
With Anthony, Gemma, Andy and your grandchildren Sophie and Kian too
Your family means the world to you, and your future looks bright, it’s true
Now, you’re recovering from open heart surgery, you can fly off to Palma too.

You had a happy childhood at 38 Cleveleys Avenue
With your parents Jack and Kitty and your sister Lesley too.
You were “well hard” at secondary school,
getting into fights and you’d win they said
Like the guy on bank street who grabbed your boobs,
till your handbag came down on his head

You got done for underage drinking, for a half of bitter at age 15
Your mum was upset but your Dad thought  it was hilarious it seems
You were an ace roller skater in the Nevada skating rink it’s true
You looked fetching in your skating skirts the guys were all madly in love with you
You love Northern Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll and this one thing is clear
You’ve had a major crush on Rod Stewart for about 50 years