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On Sunday 28th July 2013, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Cheshunt, in Hertfordshire to surprise Janet who was celebrating her retirement. Janet's daughters, Jenny and Sally had booked this and lots more of her family and friends sent anecdotes about Janet to go into the song. They were all gathered together, celebrating in The Tea Rooms on Turner's Hill, when in walked The Wandering Minstrel who began to sing Janet's special song all about her. Below you can hear what Janet's  song sounds like with the audio from her CD and follow the lyrics which are just below it.

I always say that the only problem with this job is you don't get a green room to get yourself ready for the big performance. Well, my thanks to the staff and customers at O'Shea's Irish pub, just across the road who provided me with diet  cokes and some fantastic ceiling fans in the back room that kept me cool, while I was waiting.

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Audio for Janet's Retirement song

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Lyrics for Janet's Retirement

Now Janet, you're retiring, And so I have to say
the bottom line is your family and friends
have sent this minstrel here today.
Like your husband Bob of 40 years,
and your daughters Jenny and Sally too
And granddaughters Lily, florence,
Ella and Nancy all love you

So we want to say, as you Celebrate
you're retiring and may I speculate
that everyone will miss you in Dalston Halifax, it's true
and there's no one quite so giving, and generous as you
And I've heard that Tesco in the ponds, just might close down because of you.

And once when you were in Toys are us,
You jumped on a pogo stick and bounced around
But you horrified and embarrassed Lily
as you ended up knocking a whole shelf down.
And I hear you were a child actress
in the prime of miss jean brodie and oliver they say.
And won't you tell the story, when you met Larry Olivier


And you love to travel on your charity treks
Napal, vietnam and Iceland and all the rest
and you love to unwind in C'an Pastilla
but your caravan in oxford is still the best
And you love the craic with Myra or Marzipan
You'll have a brandy and a drop of wine, that's a good plan
and if you fancy a swifty at lunchtime, you know you still can

Chorus Twice

So Congratulations on your retirement Janet

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