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On Saturday 14th September The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Harworth near Doncaster to surprsie Jas on her 5oth Birthday. Her fiance, also called Jas, booked The minstrel to write a special song all about her and sing it live for a special birthday surprise.
He was not able to be at the event, so we videoed it for him, so he could see all her reactions, as all the details of her life came out in the song. Video is finished and is currently uploading.

Watch the video of Jas' Surprise

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Audio for Jas' fully personalised song

Lyrics for Jas' song

Now Jas, it is your birthday, as this minstrel sings to you
I Know that both your names are Jas,but they call you binnie too.
He says that you're quite a diva, you love Gucci and Vivienne Westward too.
And when it comes to shoes, I've heard it's true
that only Jimmy Choo's will do

So Happy Birthday Jas, Hope you have a wonderful Day
Jas would love to be with you, but Coventry's so far away.
You had a beautiful time in Sorento this summer
Now you're apart again.
He says you asked him to marry you
and all he wants to know is when.

And on your first date, you didn't want anyone to see
so you drove out to a pub in Huddersfield,
where you thought no one else would be,
I hear that you rushed out the door, you were very shocked I think
because you'd seen your uncle there, sneaking in for a drink.


And at Simone's Birthday Party, the clown got drunk I hear,
and was swearing at the adults playing on the bouncy castle there.
And he's proud of you for bringing up 3 daughters on your own.
and he says you wait to see who's first, to say I love you on the phone.

So happy Birthday Jas, hope you have a wonderful day
Jas would love to be with you, but Coventry's so far away.
You had a beautiful time in vegas, that's plain to see
I'm surprised that Shik isn't here tonight, with all this food and drink for free


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