Real Singing Telegrams UK - Happy Birthday Jenny

On Monday 2nd February 2015, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to The Spring Fair, at The NEC in Birmingham, to surprise Jenny on her birthday.
Jenny's friends had told The Minstrel all about Jenny and he wrote this song, containing all of those funny pieces of information.
On this webpage you will find the audio that appeared on the special CD that was presented to Jenny, the lyrics to the song and some photos and a video from the day too.
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This morning I recieved a wonderful email from Jordan who booked the surprise it said   
"Thanks so much for today. It was fantastic, the song was brilliant- and great voice too! Jenny absolutely loved it and it was such a surprise!!"

Audio for Happy Birthday Jenny

Video for Happy Birthday Jenny

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Jenny

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Happy Birthday Jenny

Now, Jenny, It’s your birthday,
 so they’ve sent me here today

To the spring  Fair in Birmingham, Cause,
there’s so many things I have to say
And I know how much you love the gym,
 and spinning all the time, it’s said

And you love a stretch out,
with your personal trainer Ed


So I’m here to say, have a happy Birthday
Tell me are they true he things that your friends all say
About how much you love chocolate,
and Sambuca  shots, it’s true,

And if someone is going to be early
you can bet it will be you

But the biggest thing we want to say is
appy Birthday to you

You say size is important,
and that’s why you married a Swede,

You’re the Lord and Lady of Kinky house,
on this we’re all agreed

You fell head over heels in love on the dance floor,
and grazed your face so I declare
And when you went to the hairdressers,
you got naked so I hear.


Your daughter Anna’s a ballerina,
And Alex your son plays Rugby too

I hear there’s no one in the world
who loves shopping as much as you do

And so to this Scottish lady, this is what we’ll say to you
That your friends all love you so much
So happy Birthday to you