Happy Birthday Julie - Real Singing Telegrams UK

On Saturday 6th july The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Bentley in Walsall to surprise Julie on her Birthday.
Her family provided the minstrel with lots of funny details about Julie and The song was written and performed live at her birthday party

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Now Julie, it's a special day It's your birthday allegedly,
You married Tim 27 years ago, and you have a lovely family
Martin works away in Qatar, while jason lives not so far away,
with Charlie and Harry and your third grandchild on the way

And so I'm here to say, have a happy birthday
you love Austin Powers, Miranda and Peter kay
And little madge, the staffy, you love her lots they say
And there's a vauxhall convertable in your drive way
but you wake up very grumpy in the morning almost every single day

And you work at Assa Abloy, with Teresa Higgin your best friend per chance
Elaine Critch calls you Percy, and you bought some enormous Bridgit Jones Pants
And you once drove Tim's Ford Capri, onto Yarmouth sands too far
and while looking at some decorators, you drove into a parked car.

Now, I hear that You've hurt your coccyx, and they say that you've been seen
Taking tablets like they're smarties , so they call you the co-codamol queen
You love your mum June and your Dad Stu, and your Brothers stewart and Wayne too
and they say you never stop playing Candy Crush Saga, is that true?