Happy Birthday Julien

On Sunday 2nd February 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to The Parcel Yard Pub / Restaurant in King's Cross Station, in Central London, to surprise Julien on his 40th Birthday. His wife Katrina wanted to show Julien just how much she loves him, and what a great husband and Dad he is. She told The Minstrel all about her french husband, with lots of funny things about him to include in the song. She even created the photo on the left by superimposing Julien's face on the photo of the stereotypical Frenchman.


In this case, Katrina wrote the lyrics herself, and although I am not usually comfortable with this, Katrina had done a great job and amazingly most of them fitted with the backing track. Julien reacted brilliantly as all of the information about his life came out in the song. If you have any photos or videos of this performance, you can send them to us to include in the page, send them to enquiries@minstrelgreetings.com Alternatively, you can upload them to youtube, flickr, photobucket etc and just drop the link into the comments box below.


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Audio from Julien's CD

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Julien

Now, Julien, I hear you're 40 today, and being 40 well I've heard it's meant to be

The bridge between Youth and old age and the pathway to senility

And Julien you've lost your hair, the curls just fell away,

your daughters a reminder of the hair that wouldn't stay.

and you used to have a monkey, with a party piece

he would do some naughty things , then swallow his release

Julien, your a French man, you've lived in Nice and in Paris

and spent some time in Niger, and you've  lived in Haiti

I know that you love travelling, at least that's your intent

but now you only get as far as Beckenham in Kent.




So Happy Birthday "Poor Julien", You put up with so much stuff

but now you've mastered the art of the triple apology

you've learned that one just never is enough


You write computer love letters in special secret code

You tell your wife it's C++, that's information overload

She understands you want to be with your PC all the time

but she hopes now you're an old man, you'll forget and lose your mind

Now you're a keen photographer and you've taken some great pics,

when you're near they hear the pause and then the camera clicks

You take it with you everywhere, your wife don't mind that much

It's something hard in your pocket that she's not allowed to touch

I know that you love red wine,you have half a glass a day

your French, so any more than that would just be puked away

on your stag do dressed up as a nurse you drank a shandy neat

and then when you got on the plane you vomited in your seat