Katie's 18th Birthday - Real Singing Telegram UK

The Wandering Minstrel surprises Katie on her 18th birthday with a special song all about her, and then presents her with a full band production audio CD of the very song.

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Lyrics to Katie's song

Now, Katie it’s your birthday, turning 18, so I hear
That’s why those who love you have sent this Minstrel here.
They’ve told me all about you and things so dear to you
Like your 3 dogs, and a parrot and a chinchilla too.
All I really want to say is happy birthday to you
Katie, I must say I’ve been told, No one talks quite as much as you
I hear that you loved Barbie Dolls, but you weren’t so keen on Ken
you said that it should be Action Man who should marry Barbie then

I know you always loved Okeydokie, Handy Manny and Pokemon
That was when you were a child,
but they still sometimes find you watching them.
They say you’re scared silly of spiders,  guaranteed to make you frown
So your mum hung a fake one on the bedroom curtain
And you screamed the whole place down
Your mum says you’re so big hearted, you’ll do anything for anyone
As long as it’s not cleaning your room cos you really are a messy one
Now  Katie, on this special day there’s one thing left to say
We hope you have a wonderful time and the happiest 18th birthday
Chorus Twice