Kirstey's Hen Night / Welcome to Liverpool

On Friday 8th August, Our Billy Mersey made his debut by travelling to Liverpool to surprise Kirstey on her hen weekend as she arrived in Lime street Station to start her hen party festivities. Kirsey's mum, Liz booked Billy to sing a special song all about Kirstey including all of the funny stories that she told us about. As the Hens left the station, wearing their hen party sashes, Billy Mersey, walked up to Kirstey and revealed who he was and that he had a song to sing that was all about her. As the people of Liverpool looked on, Kirstey's reactions were amazing as each of the funny stories of Kirstey's life, came out into the song, There were tears and laughter, as Kirstey realised that this song was all about her.
Hopefully, all  being well there should be a video to follow, in the mean time feel free to leave a friendly comment for Kirstey, or Billy Mersey, and to use any of the easy to share social media buttons on this page, so that other family and friends can share  the fun too.

Audio for Congratulations Kirstey

Video for Kirstey's Hen Night Surprise

Lyrics to Congratulations Kirstey

Congratulations Kirstey

Now, Kirstey, It’s your hen night, congratulations are due
Because I hear that you’re marrying Pat,
 so they’ve sent this minstrel to sing to you.
I hear that you’re a Zumba Queen, 
you love Jackie Mcnamara, and the Celtic team
But that’s not quite enough, no you’re Celtic daft I mean

And so I’m here to say good luck on your wedding day,
Tell me are they true the things that your friends all say
Your chicks are Karly, Dawn, and Jenna,  Jackie and Lorainne
I know your name is Kirstey but you have  another name.
They didn’t tell me why but they said Mark was your nickname.

And you had a caravan in Bltyhe,
you spent many holiday there it’s clear
And on the beach, with your friend Lisa,
you found a stone that looked like a jobbie I hear.
You jumped in a car in Dalkeith when you’d had a few
The guy couldn’t get a word in, you talked all the way through
Turned out he was not a taxi, you’d got a free ride home it’s true

They say you have OCD it’s true,  
you’re always washing Pat’s wallet and bank notes too
And a blackbird flew into your room one day
It scared yourself and  johnny, his friend and his dad away
And a corner of Karley’s Birthday cake,
was nicked by Oscar the dog, you knew
You smoothed it over put the candles in,
and served it to the kids it’s true