Happy Christmas wishes Lauren

On Friday 27th December, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to York to surprise Lauren Bowers with a special Christmas greetings song. Lauren had been unwell and unable to join her boyfriend Mark in Washington DC for the holidays. So Mark called The Wandering Minstrel and told him all about Lauren and he penned this song specially for her. On this page you will find the audio track of Lauren's song, and the lyrics. Feel free to leave a friendly message for Lauren or  The Minstrel in the comments box.

Audio for Lauren's song

Now, Lauren, as it's Christmas time,
I will sing this song of all the little things that I've been told
all about you on this Holiday, because mark is so very far away.

You're a medievelist, i hear you're doing a PHD,
and you're studying, at York University
you love everything medieval, and it's not a whim
you've read the entire series of Game of thrones to him

And Mark, he really loves you, you've been together for 5 years
he says you are so beautiful, fair skin and curly maine of hair
though you're always making fun of him, and the clothes he wears it's true
and it seems you have to buy them for him too.

So Happy Christmas wishes, Mark is sending to you
he says that you're so neat and organised
you inspire him to be a better person too.

I know you love Brian Potter, He's the one from Pheonix nights
and Jerry Dignan and Ray Von, max and Paddy is that right
And it's very possible that you've gone overboard
like the movie with Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn

You are very practical and responsible it's true
you like to give suggestions and helpful advice too
you're a very giving person, thoughtful and caring too
So I guess it's no surprise that he's in love with you

And now this minstrel boy, i guess he must be on his way
and though this christmas message isn't sung on Christmas Day
I know Mark really loves you, this much is really clear
So I'll wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year