Happy Valentine's day Lilly

On Valentine's day 2014, The wandering minstrel travelled to the trader pub near Old Street, to surprise Lilly with a special Valentine's day song from Jim, before presenting her with a full band production audio CD of the very song he had just sung.

Audio for Lilly's song

Lyrics for Lilly's Song

Now, Lilly, on this Valentin'es Day, Jim has got something to say

that he's in love with you, more and more in love with you

each and every passing day.

So he's sent this minstrel here, to sing of his love for you

To The Traders Pub near Old Street to say Happy Valentine's to you


And Lilly, Jim would like to say have a happy Valentine's day

And as I sing this song to you, it says how much he really loves you,

And now there's one thing left to say, happy valentine's day


Now you've known Jim for 10 years, tell me is it true,

that he calls you The Hobbit, because you're short and Scottish too

and I hear that you adore Fenton the cat, you think that he's so fine

and Jim says on this special day, will you be his valentine


And Lilly now this song is over and this minstrel must away

I'll leave you with the warmest wishes for this valentine's day

and Jim has so much love for you, you're special to him it's true

So Lilly as I leave you I'll say Happy Valentine's to you