Real Singing Telegrams UK - Happy Birthday Lucy - Digby The Dog

On Wednesday 28th January 2015, Digby The Dog travelled to McDonald's in Barnsley, to sing a special song, written all about her, by Real Singing Telegrams UK. Her Mum and Dad told Digby all about Lucy and it all went into the song.

Video for Lucy's Personalised Singagram

Lyrics for Lucy's Fully personalised Singing telegram

Happy Birthday Lucy

Lucy, Oh Lucy, there’s something I’ve got to say
That our love for you grows stronger everyday, Lucy, Oh Lucy.
Lucy, Oh Lucy, Today is your birthday.
We wish you many happy returns of the day, Lucy

Sometimes, when I think of you, I see you smile,
Then you know I’m happy for a while
And as it’s your birthday, I’ll sing this song for you
From your mum and dad and James and Alex too


And we’re so proud of you, you’ve grown up so much it’s true
Now your independent life’s began a new
And we all love and miss you, this much is true
So do Fizz the cat and Josie and Bruno too


And I hope you’re having fun in everything you do
With Kate and with Mark your fiance too
And I remember nights out, doing Karaoke I’ll say
You sang “My heart will go on” and “Summer Holiday