Merry Christmas to The Lynch Family - Singing Santa

On Christmas Eve, 2015, Singing Santa traveled to Tewksbury to surprise the Lynch Family with a special song all about them. Ruth Moran contacted Real Singing Telegrams UK, from New York, in the USA, and told Santa all about the family and Santa wrote this song including all the funny family stories and Family Jokes. On this page, you will find the audio that appeared on their CD, the lyrics and the artwork from the laminated photo lyric sheet and the cover and body of the CD.

Audio for Merry Christmas to The Lynch Family

Lyrics for Merry Christmas to The Lynch Family

Merry Christmas to The Lynch Family

Now, friends at this time of year, Santa likes to bring good cheer
So I've travelled here to Tewkesbury, with a special song for The Lynch Family
who live in a house, like Mrs Bucket's and had room for a pony, so they say
but instead they had a pack of Alpacas who spent their time just spitting all day.

So Merry Christmas to you all, I bring you festive cheer
I hope you have a wonderful time, and the happiest new year.

Now, Ronan is into packaging and stud muffin is his name
And after the jockey itch episode in the ocean, Naples will never be the same
and I hear that you call Caroline wifey and make the best apple pies, it's clear
And I know that you love fishing but catching something is very rare

Now, Caroline is the best nurse ever, her birthday is on New years Day
but don't ever let her get hungry, you just wouldn't like her that way.
and I hear that sometimes she gets so car sick and opens all the windows wide
it makes her feel a little bit better, but she freezes everyone else inside

Now, Tommy plays Rugby when his knees are straight, it's true
he's been known to sell his candy on the black market too
Liam loves his cricket, Katie's a dancing queen
Ciara's the best baker Tewkesbury's ever seen
and you have 3 very special grannies, Maura, Vera, and Annie too
Not forgetting your dog Suzie, who's fully trained as a seeing eye dog too.