Real Singing Telegrams Manchester UK

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our Brand new Services for the Manchester area

Tina Turner Gram 

For when you want to say You're Simply The Best

Tina Turner Gram has been one of our most popular services in other areas and we are very pleased to announced that Bonnie Mai is joining us to provide the service in the north of England. During Lockdown, we learned so much about the best way to perform singagrams. Now, all singagrams have to be performed outside on the doorstep 2 metres from the front door. Using a portable battery operated PA system we found that as soon as the performer started singing, the neighbours would come to their windows and doors and join in clapping dancing and singing along. Many times this was experienced like a flash mob, although we didn't have to supply the dancing workmen, they often just showed up. These high impact singagram experiences surprised even us as to to how great they were. So we have applied everything we learned to expanding this service across the north of England. You can book Tina Turner Gram in Manchester, Yorkshire, Liverpool and Chester. Up to 3 songs for £150

We figure that if you booked the real Tina for someone's birthday she'd probably sing Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday to ya and it's because a popular choice for Tina Turner Grams around the country.

Shirley Bassey Grams

Fans of Shirley Bassey will be delighted when they are are surprised by our brand new Shirley Bassey Gram. It is a high impact singagram using a portable PA system that runs on batteries

Soul Grams Female

Perhaps your loved ones favourite song is on the Soul Gram list. If so a Soul Gram might be the best option.

Croonergrams Manchester - 02031434302

AL The Crooner
 Swing Singer

Al The Crooner performs singagrams  throughout the Greater Manchester area and beyond.
Just choose their favourite song from the list below and fill in the contact form below or call us on 0161 821 1091 and we will check Al's availability and all being well we will send him out, to give your loved one the surprise of their lives. If your loved one or work colleague does not like swing, just look through the song list as there are lots of other styles of song and we don't have to call it a crooner gram. Choosing songs in a different style, from a list will create a custom singagram just for you

Up to 3 songs for £150

Fully personalised hilarious songs, all about your loved one are also available for an extra £40, which you can add to the above package for the ultimate Singagram experience. One week's notice required. See below for details

Weddings and gigs

Plus you can also book Al The Crooner with a full P A System for weddings, parties, pubs, clubs and special events. Contact us for details

Fully Personalised songs by The wandering Minstrel

The Wandering Minstrel will be able to book appearances in Manchester from May 17th 2021.

 For something much more personal, why not ask The Wandering Minstrel to write a special hilarious song all about them, from whatever you tell us about them. He will put the song onto full band production audio CD, printed with photos you supply, so that it looks like a shop bought CD and will make a wonderful present for them to treasure forever. They will also receive a photo laminated lyric sheet of their special song.

You can also choose to have the minstrel write the song for Al The Crooner to sing
One week's notice required Just add £40 to either of the above packages

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Fully personalised Singing Telegram in  Manchester 

Here's what you get:

  • A special tribute song written all about your loved one, In a special surprise performance by one of our characters,
  • A full band production audio CD of the very song,
  • A photo laminated lyrics sheet. Plus with plenty of notice,
  • Up to 2 famous songs of your choice are included but optional and subject to availability
  • Available anywhere in the Greater Manchester area

Here's what you provide:

lots of funny things and family stories all about your loved one, and up to 10 photos to be printed on to the CD body, the cover and the lyrics sheet

Contact Us

To make a booking or discuss availability for your event
Telephone: 0161 821 1091or 07401374628
or email

After you email text "form sent" to 07401374628
so we can deal with your request immediately
Real Singing telegrams Manchester are available throughout the greater Manchester area