Happy 60th Birthday Marian

On Saturday 20th July 2013, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Sheffield to surprise Marian on her 60th birthday. Her friends Paul and Dorothy from the USA had booked The Minstrel and told him all about her. A special song was written all about her, and a full band production audio CD was made, and printed with photos of Marian and her family and friends. Marian turned out to be very much the ray of sunshine that her friends had said she would be. Here you will find the audio and the lyrics for Marian's song. If you have photos or videos of the event, that you have uploaded to the internet, please feel free to type the web address into the comments box, so that others can see them too.
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The audio for Marian's birthday song

Lyrics for Marian's song

Now Marian it's a special day, It's your birthday I've been told
And so they've sent this minstrel here, because you're turning 60 years old.
Oh how truly amazing, as you've often been known to say
we hope you have the happiest 60th birthday

And Marian I hear you're always smiling, always laughing about something
You're a ray of sunshine wherever you go
And when you cook you sing La la la, dorothy and Paul say "Oh how lovely you are
So have a happy birthday, cos they all love you so.

And you met Gary around a campfire, complimenting each other so
and you soon became inseparable, and the rest is history we all know
and when you were in Mexico, I hear you got a massage free.
"ouch, you found the achy bits you said immediately


You're loved by Sammi and Luke, Paul and Melissa, Grandbaby Poppy and another almost here
and you love to have a summer party but don't fall in the pond and get wet this year
And I hear you went to Bramhall Lane "It's not entertaining" you said
I guess being an Arsenal fan has gone to your head


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