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On Saturday 16th August 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Chester to surprise Marissa on her 30th birthday. Her friend Emilie had told The Minstrel everything about Marissa and it all went into her song. I hope you will leave a friendly comment in the comments box and if you have any photos or videos from the event that you would like to appear on this page just let me know. You may also use the handy share buttons to share this page with family and friends around the world.

Audio for Happy 30th Birthday Marissa (updated)

Lyrics for Happy 30th Birthday Marissa

Happy 30th Birthday Marissa
Marissa,  I am the minstrel man, and so I have been told
That Wednesday is your birthday, and  you’re turning 30 years old.
You met your best friend Emilie, interviewing for a flat,

that was 12 years ago
I heard you thought Emilie was posh,  

cos of the Mark’s & Spencer’s juice I know

So Happy Birthday, Marissa, we hope you have a wonderful day
And lots of Chateaux Neuf du Pape, and the Happiest Birthday
You two have been so close,
 since you moved into the flat in Cannon street in Preston that  day
It’s just like you are sisters from another mother so they say

And I hear you’re just a little bit OCD with antibacterial hand gel
You polish cutlery in restaurants by breathing on them as well
You met Hadassah at a bus stop, you asked for the time I know
You started to chat and as a matter of fact, that was 10 years ago

When you are ill you’re such a wuss, and I will not be vague
When you have just a  slight sniffle, you think you have the plague
And Andy calls you Angel Eyes, you met at a wedding and he knew
As soon as he saw you he needed you in his life it’s true

And Mike calls you The Hurricane, it's calm before you arrive it's true

then it's like being hit by a tornado, when you arrive out of the blue

Alternatine lines each chorus:

And lots of Sushi as a snack

And lots of head banging and air guitar

And you can watch 24 without being disturbed