Happy 50th Birthday Mark

On Saturday 19th March, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Harrogate to surprise Mark on his 50th Birthday. Mark's business partner, Tim, told the minstrel everything about Mark and it all went into the song.

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Happy 50th Birthday Mark
Now, Mark, I am The Wandering Minstrel,  and I have so many things to say
Because I’ve heard that today is your birthday, you’re turning 50 today.
Your business partner Tim is in New York I hear,
While you’re in rainy Harrogate, he says it’s clear
It’s tougher on the global team, than for you guys here
So Happy Birthday Mark

So I’m wishing you a happy birthday, to be fit at 50 was your goal they say
While Tim is an overweight cigar smoker, you run triathlons and marathons in your own way
You went to Bupa for a lung age test and so it seems, You maybe 50 but it’s there on the screen
Your lungs should get a telegram from the queen, so happy birthday Mark

In your sales training business, I’ve heard it’s true
You use lots of silly gimmicks, to get the message through
Like a family fortunes buzzer and a Sham Wow
But please don’t get the effing toothpaste out now
And your wife loves fine dining, you love fish fingers and chips
Watching live darts and caravan trips
And you always seem to cry when you’re watching chick flicks
So happy Birthday Mark

You write songs and  sing them in the blues bar that’s fantastic
Tim says you can’t really sing but you’re enthusiastic
And your stand up comedy is just for fun
I heard you were the best out of all the bad ones
You love your wife Ala, Will Zach and Bella too,
You’re a great husband and  father too
So they’re all wishing you a happy birthday too
So Happy Birthday Mark

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