Happy 65th Birthday Mary

On saturday 1st March, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to didsbury in Manchester, to surprise Mary (otherwise known as Rose) on her 65th Birthday. Her family, especially her son James had told The Minstrel everything about Mary and it all went into her song. The Wandering Minstrel arrived at The Green Finch pub and surprised mary, sang her special song and then presented her with her full band production audio CD of the very song that had been sung.


Now, The Wandering Minstrel will not do "choose a song from a list" on it's own but he is happy to sing up to two songs "Free" after the fully personalised song. For his mum, James opted for an Irish singalong and we sang "The fields of Athenry" and "The Wild Rover"


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Audio from Mary's CD

Lyrics from Mary's song

Due to a technical issue lyrics will appear here tomorrow,