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On Saturday 9th August 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Nottingham, on the day of the city's Robin Hood Festival, to surprise Nicola on her hen night with a song that was specially written all about her.

Her friends had booked the minstrel and told him lots of funny things about Nicola's life and they all went into his song. Feel free to leave a message either for Nicola, or as a review or testimonial for The Wandering Minstrel. If you have any photos or videos of the performance, you are welcome to share them on this page if you wish, either use the comments box or send them to There are also some handy share buttons so you can share this page with family and friends all around the world.

Audio for Congratulations Nicola

Lyrics for Congratulations Nicola

Congratulations Nicola
Now, Nicola,  It’s your hen night, congratulations are due
‘cause I hear that you’re marrying James,

they’ve sent this minstrel to sing to you.
You’re also known as Nic Nic,  and as Barkby, so I see
You like a bottle of wine or two, or a healthy G and T

And so I ‘m here to say good luck on your wedding day
Tell me are they true the things that your friends all say
You have a baby boy called George, in 2012 he came your way
Then you bought a house to live together so they say
And then James popped  the question,

and proposed on Christmas day.

I’ve heard about these nights out,

you’ve had with Claire and Jo, and it’s been said
 That you fell down stairs and had your picture taken,
with a toilet seat around your head.
And before you met James we can’t deny
They caught you snogging some random guy
So many times Matt had to pull over, so you could vomit there says I

One summer when your family went away,

Victoria came over, you may recall,
You got so drunk , when the pizza was ready,
you tried to take it out with no oven gloves at all
Now, Claire introduced you to your husband to be
She knew him from work, now this is clear.
Then you ditched her with his boring mate
To trail behind and snog him, so I hear