Real Singing Telegrams UK - Happy Birthday Stormin' Norman

On Friday 6th February, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to The Holiday Inn in Barnsley to surprise Norman on his 80th Birthday. His family had told The Minstrel all about him and it all went into the song. After the surprise performance of Norman's song, The wandering Minstrel presented him with a full band production audio CD of the very song, and a photo laminated lyric sheet too.
On this multimedia page you will find the audio that appeared on Norman's CD, the lyrics to the song and the photos that were printed onto the body of the CD, the cover and the lyric sheet. Also on this page you will find some easy share buttons, so that you can show this page to family and friends, anywhere in the world and a comments box to. I would be grateful if you could leave a friendly comment on the page. Thank You

The audio for Happy Birthday Stormin' Norman

The lyrics for Happy Birthday Stormin' Norman

Happy Birthday Stormin’ Norman

Now,  Norman, It’s a special day, it’s your birthday I’ve been told
That’s why they sent this minstrel here, because you’re turning 80 years old.
And I know to amuse your kids, they put make up on you and rollers in your hair.
Then shaved the hair from your arms and legs, with the electric shaver I declare

So Happy Birthday Stormin Norman, you know we wish you well,
But every time things don’t go to plan, you say chuffin’  hell

You’ve had every hobby that there is, I hear,
 bowling, dancing, fishing, gardening, home brew beer

Whether it’s riding a bike, or playing the organ, you always have to have the best stuff, It’s clear.
Then you get fed up and move on to the next thing, this has been said
You got a grey electric golf trolley as a gift,  then took it back and got the black one instead


You caught a lady on the toilet, she hadn’t shut the door properly, on the plane
You had to wait outside to tell her you’d seen nothing,, when she finally came out again
And when you walked your daughters down the aisle, at the church door, it’s true
You said “you don’t  have to go through with it, you can always go home if you’re wanting to.”


And now that you are turning 80, there’s so much to say today
You make them laugh with the funny notes, that you always leave around the house they say,
Your wife Elaine, daughters Sharon and Michelle,
your grandsons, Anthony, Bradley and Matthew

And your great granddaughters, Gracie, Abbie and Ashley , All think the world of you