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On Friday 20th December 2013, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Sheffield, to the headquaters of Timberplay, to surprise Paul Collings, with a special tribute song all about him. Colleagues, at the adventure playground specialists, told the minstrel everything about "Party Paul" and he composed this special tribute song "The ballad of Party Paul". In addition to performing the song live, he also presented Paul with a full band production audio CD of the very song, a photo laminated lyric sheet and a DVD music video of the song, featuring a stunning sildeshow of photos of paul and his colleagues. The performance was also filmed on video, below you can watch both videos, hear the audio and read the lyrics. I would be grateful if you would leave a friendly message for Paul or The Minstrel about this special performance. Feel free to use the buttons on this page to share it with your friends all over the world.

Music Video

Audio track on the CD

Lyrics of The Ballad of Party Paul

The Ballad of party Paul

This is the story of one who's loved by all
He's the one that they call Party Paul
Cause he's often the last one to bed
then wears a dirty, crumpled shirt to work instead
And I've heard it's true that they all say
he's built a business called Timberplay
that designs and builds playspaces around the UK

And this fun loving bloke that I am thinking of
used to share a house with Andy, that they called the house of love.
you love playing rugby and you like a beer,
and you've had so many iphones that you've lost or smashed to bits I hear

So Party Paul, I have heard that it's
dressing up that you love to bits
and all those pens that you've chewed and bit on
and breaking every chair that you choose to sit on
And all those things you've lost, you'll never alter
These are the only things we have to fault ya
you lost credit cards, your passport and your trip to malta

And so the story goes that Party Paul
Falls asleep in taxis you may recall
So with confidence I will state
You seem to spend your life always running late.
You and andy well you do compete
to see who can control what they eat
but you're 10lbs lighter, so i guess you have him beat

And I've heard about your recent crime spree
picking up the wrong bag and getting caught on CCTV

and so I guess I'll make this announcement
That you're not the average accountant
but I'm told that there is one snag
you're often seen holding a carrier bag
And so I must say, your friends at work,
there's one thing driving them so beserk,
all they want to do is to see you twerk

So Come on Party Paul Let's see you twerk

Live Performance Video

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