Happy Birthday Patricia

On Tuesday 10th December 2013, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to London to surprise Patricia on her birthday. It was also her works christmas party. Her friends Leeanah, TT, and Chelsea had booked the minstrel to write a special song all about her, containing all of the funny things they had told him about Patricia.
Below you can hear the audio from The CD that this minstrel presented Patricia with, containing her song. You can also read the lyrics that appeared on her laminated photo lyric sheet. Please leave a friendly comment about this greeting in the comments box below. If you have any photos or videos that you took on the day, that you have uploaded to a video or image site,  that you would like to see on this page, feel free to drop the url into the comments box.

Audio for Happy Birthday Patricia

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Patricia

Just a few words just to say a happy birthday to you
Patricia, Today is your day Happy birthday to you
And I wish you good luck in all that you do
I hope that your dreams they will all come true
from leannah, TT and Chelsea, with help from Neil Edwards too
And Tom Mills, your man candy too

Now, you're from Bermuda it's true happy Birthday to You
but you've travelled all over too, happy birthday to You
and they say if you go missing after 3 am it's true
they tell me that the dance floor's not a place that they'll find you.
they say that it's the burger bar you'll be rushing to
For a burger or two.

And once on the way to work, you got soaked with rain per chance,
but you didn't say your trousers were wet, you declared you'd wet your pants.
I hear you got locked out of your room, in your underwear
and you told your sweet little granny she was ugly, so i hear
but today we want to bring you all this birthday cheer
happy Birthday my dear