Happy Birthday Sandy

On Wednesday 4th June, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to Forest Gate, in London to surprise Sandy on her birthday. Her husband Glen was thousands of miles away in Wake Island USA, and so Glen told The Minstrel all about sandy. The Minstrel wrote this song and surprised Sandy to perform it live, and present her with the full band production audio CD of the very song. On this page you can hear the audio, read the lyrics snd view the artwork.  Feel free to leave a friendly comment for Sandy, Glen or the minstrel, and if you have any photos or videos of this event that you would like to appear here just let us know.

Audio for Sandy's song

Lyrics for Sandy's song

Happy Birthday Sandy
Now, Sandy, It’s  a special day, it’s your birthday so they say
So I bring the warmest wishes all the way from USA.
Where Glen is on Wake Island, in the clinic, so I’ll say
That today he just wants to wish you the happiest birthday

And so I’m here to say, have a happy birthday
Though you’re not really apart because you call him twice a day.
And though he never thought that he would find love again
Then you walked into his life and it’s no wonder then
That he cannot wait to see you and be together once again

He says that you’re the fastest reader, speed reader on steroids is what we’ll say
you’d not only like to see a UFO, but you’d be happy if the aliens took you away
And you fell out of a white water raft it’s true
Holding on to your paddle, lost your lip balm too
Till a teenager in a kayak brought it back to you

You’ve found the perfect place to live forever I see
Norfolk Island an Australian territory
A small house off the grid with solar power too
With rainwater catchment and a huge garden too
You bake a wonderful blackberry pie I hear
If you remember that it’s sugar and not salt that’s clear
And you’ll be playing your twinkle ding dong music for many a year.