Real Singing Telegrams Liverpool UK

Real Singing Telegrams UK are very happy that Liverpool is one of our main areas, as this is where it all began. The first singing telegram in the UK was performed in Liverpool, on Valentines Day 1982, by The Wandering Minstrel. After performances on local radio stations, he performed 40 singing valentines songs, all over Liverpool and turned down over 250 people, because he could not fit them in. Most of these people booked him for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries retirements, hen parties etc and The singing telegram business in the UK was born.

Today, you now get a special song written all about the person, presented on full band production audio CD, with a photo laminated lyric sheet, and up to 2 other songs too.

Real Singing Telegrams Liverpool can offer The Wandering Minstrel, Digby The Giant Singing Dog, Johnny Conquest (1950s) Billy Mersey (1960s) The king of karaoke, Win your Present Game show, for personalised performances in Liverpool.

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