Happy Birthday Smriti

On Wednesday 10th December 2014, The Wandering Minstrel travelled to London to surprise Smriti, on her Birthday as she was visiting the UK from New York. Her boyfriend Matt told the minstrel lots of funny things all about her and they all went into this song. On this page you will find the audio track from Smriti's CD, the lyrics and some of the photos that were printed onto the CD and photo laminated lyrics sheet. You will also find handy share buttons, which mean that if you wish you can share this page with your family and friends around the world. If you have photos or videos of this surprise performance that you would like to appear on the page too, either drop the link to them into the comments box or send us an email with them in and we will take it from there. I hope you will also leave a friendly comment on this page too. My thanks to Matt for making this happen.

Audio for Happy Birthday Smriti

Lyrics for Happy Birthday Smriti

Happy Birthday Smriti
Now, Smriti, It is a special day, it’s your birthday, so they say
So Matt has sent this Wandering Minstrel to sing this song for you today
About how you met hitchhiking all around the USA
I heard he asked you out for ages, who says perseverance doesn’t pay
And so I’m here to say have a happy birthday,
and bring the warmest wishes all the way from USA.
Sometimes Matt calls you peanut, the Unicorn, it’s true
He’s sure that you’re from outer space, and he knows that you
Are from the Royal family of Unicorns and one day you’ll return there too

You love your stuffed animals, a dog called Boo and a bear named Moo
And you say that Moo is a trained killer and he’s out to murder Boo
And you love the frogs from Puerto Rico, and the noises that they make you say
‘Cause it sounds like they’re saying “Cookie” in a most peculiar way.

I hear that you are a filmmaker and you know the secret, so they say
Yes, the secret to making movies, is to have lunch meetings everyday.
And you’ll never solve the Iphone cable mystery, need I say anything more
And Matt likes to hold your hand and pull your skateboard
When you’re going to the store